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Ancient and Forever

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It was said on the day of my birth...
...the ghost of a dead man, walked the earth.
Ah.  Ty Stone.  Marvelous anthem to my life currently.

So; whether you know this or not, before school started this year, I ended up being sexually assaulted after walking a friend home.  Though I appreciate the sentiment, it's okay; you can spare me your sympathies and give them to people who really are in need of them.  I don't want that to sound bitchy, because the tone I'm trying to convey isn't, but eh.

So yesterday, I was assaulted again with forced entry to my home.  Excuse me?  You come into my house and expect me to just lie down?  No.  I didn't swing at them.  I simply moved them.  *sigh*  Hello all you happy people.  I miss you.


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